Farland Alternate Rules and Miscellanea

Character Background

Your character did not spring out of sea foam on the day you rolled him up. He grew up in Farland, and as such has heard several legends that have to do with his race. How many legends he has heard depends on his class: barbarian, druid, fighter, ranger, paladin, and rogue 1d2, cleric, sorcerer, monk, and warlock 1d3, wizard 1d4, bard 1d4+1. Your GM will detail the legends to you. There are also Farland-specific backgrounds you can choose beyond the PHB backgrounds.


If a player's character dies and is unable to be raised, a good method of handling this situation is to roll up a completely new character, but start the new character at the minimum experience points needed to match the level of the lowest-leveled member of the group.


100 SP = 1 PP
10 SP = 1 GP
1 SP = 1 SP
1 SP = 5 EP
1 SP = 10 CP
1 SP = 100 TP

*A TP stands for tin penny (a half copper/half tin coin)

The most valuable metal in Farland is called Mithril (MP), or Truesilver. It is only found deep inside a few mountains on the whole continent, and is usually mined by dwarves. A mithril piece generally ranges in value from 150 SP to 250 SP, depending on the buyer. The most common coin, and the one used by the average person, is the silver piece. Prices in the PHB should also be converted to silver, with CP becoming TP. This also means the DM must change gold to silver in the treasure tables and raise gold to platinum. When the DM rolls gems or art objects on the treasure tables, he can alternately choose to award an amount of platinum coins of the same value as the gems or art objects rolled. Mithril is a treasure that is delivered at GM discretion; it is generally only found in the hands of Elves or Dwarves, who would go to war to keep it. Tin Penny coins are found in the same amount as copper and with double the chance of existing in a given treasure trove.

In many kingdoms, the economy is damaged and subject to high inflation rates. This is due to poor ruling on the part of the evil Lords. Prices in the PHB are sometimes multiplied by 1.5 to 2 times. Your GM will give you specifics.

See currencies.