Staff and Contributors

These are the extremely talented individuals who have aided the webmaster and his staff in their task thus far. Click their names to email them with praise, comments, questions, or work opportunities.


The Webmaster S. Baker for design, planning, publication, oversight and everything on the site not attributed to one of the following people.

R. Dillaway for consultation, Tharivol of House Meliane, Spotlight on Valanduil of House Cirana, Naglor Osbern, Kale, Daven, Zeland, Orland, Gnome society, and Drow society, drugs, dark folk society, Worg Rider prestige class, parts of the Dark Conquest, Battles of the Dark Conquest, the Quickstep feat, the poem Awa', Orcs, Awa', and the Steal Power spell.

Staff editor D. Krough for editing and consultation.

Tim Odell for consultation, the Genesis of Núrion, Drow society, the origin of the Drow, drugs, dark folk society, Wawmar, Dwarven Boar Rider prestige class, dark folk origins, steam weapons, the Dwarven Sapper PRC, parts of the Stor-gris, and Lord of Sloth, dragons write-up, goblin and kobold names, the spell Memory Spectacle, Lantern of the Four Winds, Greater Sanctuary, the Elixir of Greater Sanctuary, suggestions for the Dark Occupation, the feat Magical Reserves, the item Glasses of Magical Insight, Mossglow, Miner's Helmet, Shield of Redounding, 4E consultation, 4E feats, and 4E paragon path conversions, and consultation.

Gerry Torbert for the majority of the Wawmar update, Wawmar maps, dwarven poetry, Stor-gris poem, large parts of the Stor-gris write-up, steam weapons, mithril and adamantine, most of the Great Battles of the Dark Conquest, Trouble Brewing story, Kassa write-up, Wesfar write-up, Kassa Sailor's Lament, Rogues to Riches story, the Spire of Bestra, Walin's Cap, A King's Decision Story, Kassa names, Of Orcs and Machines, Forntol Mythology, The Founding of Nopolitus, the City of Nopolitus, Darmon's Tooth, Darmon and Company, Darmon's Battle Dance, Never Lose Your Head in Battle, Barbarians, All, People Who Go Bump in the Night, Of Spirits and Spirits, The Hell in the Cave, The Mystery of Garakesh, Slither the Day Away, A Flight for Freedom, The Right to Remain Silent, Good Eye, Madwoman Duff, Rules is Rules, Does a 'Coo have an Ego?, The Three Sisters, Those Wild and Crazy Lewis Guys, Strife on the Northern Banks, A Deal with a God, In the Hands of a Wizard, When Gods Clash, Historic Vistas: Creagland, A Matter of Balance, Many Motives, One Destination, Evil in the Teeth, The Die is Cast, Chance Encounters, Birds of a Different Color, Inquisitive Birds, Awakenings, A Mysterious Portent, A Surprise Visit from an Oluk Wizard, The Not-so-Magnificent Six, From the Tops of the Trees, the poem A'Legen O' Gagan MacMann, Even Eagles Dream, The Sack of Norville, and consultation.

Staff artist Tim Vargason for the Belshrum image, Rolindor image, Flamgart image, and Lord of Sloth, Lord of Greed, Lord of Pride, Lord of Wrath, Corpse Grinder, Palace of Wrath, older malcall, holy symbols, the bazok and grimmen, final battle art, Standards of the Lords of Sin, The Frostspire, drasp art, magic weapons, irzuk orc, the Lord of Envy, Bolg-Gatha, The Lord of Lust, The Lord of Gluttony, Widfaral, King of the Hill, Karoxfang, Tollem of Wyvernia, Afej the Black, Daug-Dagoth, The Winged One, flags of the kingdoms, Dark Centaur, Drowned Dead, Burned Dead and Animus.


K. Amilbangsa for the kobold drawing and artwork of the Dweller.

Larel Austin for the figure in the previous header image.

Scott B. for parts of the Dark Occupation article, plus work on the KON project.

Jennifer B. for art of Bestra.

Rodrigo Castillo for the images of Dragonspur.

Caleb Davis for some of the Farlandic sayings.

J. DeLuca for design consultation and the elven lexicon.

Christine M. Doering for the map of Dragonspur City.

Grafit-Art for permission to use "Character for Kings of the Realm." © 2016 Grafit-art remains valid.

S. Griffith for Ragnor NPC sheet.

Michael Hahn for the quixotic knight background and the Lay of Talkana Silumiel set to music.

Curtis Hart for some fantasy sketches.

Rick Hebert for many of the maps from the Battles of the Dark Conquest.

Jeffrey Heinen for consultation on the 4E conversion.

A. Heisman for consultation on the 4E conversion.

Jordan Hill for the Barbarian Trials Fiction.

Erik Hilliger for the Chaos lord banner.

Ching-Yun "Xavier" Ho for artwork of the Dweller, a spywing, and a lizard man shaman.

A. Holbrook for the write-up on Marshall Ada and the 8171 calendar.

Avi K. for the Lantern of the Four Winds.

G. K. for Galahad's Guide to Holistic Heroes.

Jason Juta for "Dragon Mountains," the banner art.

M. Kalajian for the spotlight on Payn Ack-Arthur.

Bryce Alan Katz for consultation on the 4E conversion.

Don Knight for the Towers of Night adventure.

Spencer B. Koelle for the Grimmen Creature, Aldran Giant, and Imbued Orb spell.

Dino Kranjcevi for the artwork of the Lord of Pride and Lord of Anger.

Richard K. for halflings society and multiple herbs.

J. Lerner for editing, consultation, the write-up on Galadwen of House Arduval, and the NPC Lord Sando Torland.

K. Lin for general consultation, consultation on the 4E conversion, the Wolf Spider, and the Council Sentinel, Longbowman, and Spellbinder paragon paths, and consultation.

Martin McKenzie for consultation, the Endless Well, What Lurks Within, and Drow society.

Miladoon for the maps of the Palace of Wrath and the maps of Wawmar.

C.J. Miozzi for the digital artwork of Payn and Malcall.

Brandon Morrison for the Mantle of Roche.

Myth Weavers admininstration, specifically David, Michael, and Rodrigo, for consultation, webhosting, and general comraderie.

Mike Nancarrow for the "Building a Dungeon" article.

A. Newton for the Shield of Kassius magic item and multiple herbs.

Ruben Ramos for the art of the Lord of Envy.

L. R. for the feats Shield Master, Shield Grand Master, and Tower Shield Adaptation.

Hernan Ruiz of Battlegrounds Games for the redone map of Kenby.

Amber E. Scott for the Infiltrator prestige class and the stories "In the Dark" and "Sentry at the Gate."

Neo Jiet Shern for the Aldran Giant and Wolfspider art.

Bart Smit for the art of Janora.

Ryan Sommer for the Ryan Sommer gallery and the drawing of Galadwen.

Brian Stanton for the Spotlight on Malcall, The Ties that Bind adventure, the spell Energy Infusion, the alternate toughness feat, Malcall 4e, the Elixir of Long Life, the Gates of Prowess magic item, and the undead hunter background..

Jeff Stoner for artwork of the Dweller.

T. Tyrmi for the fantasy sketches.

Ryan Torbert for consultation, Forntol, and the story The Disappearance, drugs, dark folk society, oluk origins, Strife in Rothnog, Secrets of a Dark Fortress, An Unlikely Alliance, Karoxfang the NPC, Dantha'Sule the NPC, parts of the Stor-gris write-up, Kassa write-up, Hilken write-up, Sal'Baran City, Ropbadden Hill, and the Dark Conquest.

Jesse Vanderhoef for the Council Sentinel Paladin Oath, the fighter Pikeman archetype, and multiple herbs.

B. Vargason for Bartarius interview, Dwarven religious details, and the Mass Combat System.

Christopher Weaver for consultation, the Farlandish Legion , detailed Wyvernian NPCs, Dragonspur NPCs, Durisea, Dead Tree Vale, Sir John Culwyn, the Knight Protector Prestige Class, The Haunted Dwarven Tomb, the standards of the Lords of Sin, and the standards of the kingdoms.

Derrick Wilson for the orc art.

Eric Williamson for the Wawmar graphic and several of the maps from the Battles of the Dark Conquest.

Warren Wurzburger for Kale City, and Elder Daven City maps.

C. White for the Farland name generator.

Janik Zikovsky of DM Genie for the Mass Combat Program.

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